At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting and useful articles I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items tweeted as soon as I find them. Here’s the latest collection from September 2010:

Nature Methods | A monthly column in Nature Methods on the design of figures and data visualizations | Link

Robert Kosara | Beyond Bertin: Seeing the Forest despite the Trees | Link

Junk Charts | Book review: Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis | Link

Wired | Clive Thompson on the Power of Visual Thinking | Link

Blackweb | Connecting the dots: race and ethnicity via dot visualization | Link

Smart Data Collective | Data Visualization – A Growing Business Need | Link

Lucrum Inc | Video by Eric Duell on Data Visualization fundamentals | Link

O'Reilly Radar | Data Week: Becoming a data scientist | Link

Don Norman's JND | Systems Thinking: A product is more than the product | Link

Infosthetics | Expense Visualizer: Revealing the Canadian travel and hospitality expenses | Link

Royal Navy Global Ops | Dynamic and interactive mapping feature which plots the current location of the Royal Navy fleet | Link

Quora | How do I become a data scientist? Discussion forum on Quora | Link

Guardian Datablog | How do you visualise the future of datajournalism? | Link

Smashing Magazine | HTML5: The Facts And The Myths | Link

Fastco Design | Infographic of the day: Who's got the worst urban sprawl? | Link

Innovative Interactivity | Company spotlight: XPLANE the creative information consultancy | Link

Brain Pickings | Interview with Dava Viz star Pedro Monteiro | Link

Standford | Video by Geoff McGhee 'Journalism in the age of data' | Link

Perishable Press | Lessons learned after 5 years of blogging | Link

10 Answers | With Nicholas Felton | Link

Infosthetics | Offener Haushalt: Opening up German governmental finance data | Link

Wall Street Journal | Report from the WSJ 'On the Web, Children Face Intensive Tracking' | Link

Fell In Love With Data | Sculpting a great Visual Analytics expert | Link

Stamen Design | I like Bing Maps and I cannot lie | Link

Statistical Graphics and More | Is data the new plague? | Link

Data Driven Consulting | Tableau as a dashboard platform | Link

Tableau | Tableau visual guide whitepaper | Link

O'Reilly Radar | The state of mapping APIs | Link

Guardian Datablog | The tax gap: Information is Beautiful explains | Link

Eager Eyes | Trivialization for the Masses | Link

Six Revisions | Using power structure and Gestalt for visual hierarchy | Link

YouTube | Visualisation video of asteroid discoveries from 1980 to 2010 | Link

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