I'm very excited to be making my first ever visit to New York in a few days time. Besides trying to fit in 2 weeks work into 5 days, every other spare minute is being taken up organising a military-like itinerary to ensure I don't miss out on a single sight or activity whilst I'm there. Therefore, Visualising Data is going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks.

On my return I have loads of subjects to cover and items planned to compile and publish. This will include a further five excellent 'Visualisation Insights' interviews, a series of massive posts presenting the ultimate collections of visualisation tools and theoretical resources and an account of my visit to New York in terms of experiencing information and design. I also desperately need to get working on a research paper that has been waiting to be authored for nearly a year now. Finally, for UK readers who might be interested, I'm developing a CPD training module through the University of Leeds that will be launched early in the New Year - I'll share more info on that as and when it is available.

Enjoy the rest of your Septembers and speak to you in October!

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