At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting and useful articles I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items tweeted as soon as I find them. Here’s the latest collection from July 2010:

Infographics News | Steve Duenes, Archie Tse and The New York Times infographics | Link

Huffington Post | Visualizing Hunger and Its Impact: Why we need a hunger data consortium | Link

New York Times | Behind the scenes of a live World Cup | Link

City University London | City University London helps local authority to better understand and inform its citizens | Here and here

Perceptual Edge | Stephen Few's latest Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter "Coordinated highlighting in context: bringing multidimensional connections to light" | Link

Coroflot Portfolios | The fast, easy way to get your creative projects online and in front of the right people | Link

Brian Cray | Following up Jakob Nielsen's "How little do users read?", an interesting article about estimated reading time in web design | Link

The Scoop | How API's help the NYT newsroom | Link | First article in Benjamin's Inside series, "How We Visualized 1 Billion Dollars" | Link

Guardian Datablog | David McCandless (Information is Beautiful) and other data experts accompany David Cameron in India | Link

School of Visual Arts | Overview of Data Visualisation by Shawn Allen (of Stamen Design) | Link | Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics and data visualisation | Link | Interesting visualisation challenge for communicating the comparison between expected and actual performance of the World Cup teams | Link

Eager Eyes | Multi-touch brushing for parallel coordinates | Link

Smashing Magazine | The Creative vs. the marketing team: Yin And yang, oil and water | Link

Harvard Business Review | The four phases of design thinking | Link

Drawar | The frustration of design and development | Link

Paul Graham | 'The top idea in your mind' describing the power of showers to aid the thinking process! | Link

Charman-Anderson | The value of data for readers and the newsroom | Link

Infosthetics | Top secret America: Visualizing the national security buildup in the US | Link | The making of NYT’s Mariano Rivera’s pitches | Link

Junk Charts | Yellow, green and polka dots - graphical analysis of the Tour de France | Link

Infosthetics | YouTube adds view tracking data visualization dashboard | Link

Creative Review | Thinking inside the box | Link

Creative Bits | The small world of Slinkachu | Link

New York Times | For today's graduates, just one word: statistics | Link | Data shaping store shelves - companies use new high-tech methods | Link

Wired | Japanese artist maps 1945-1998's nuclear explosions | Link

Information Management | Open data hard to understand, says chief | Link

Campus Technology | Weill Cornell 3D Cave Helps Researchers Visualize Data | Link

Wired | How Inception’s astonishing visuals came to life | Link

NAME | First in a series by Core77 about designers who have recently struck out on their own - first up, Stewart Smith, artist/programmer/designer | Link

Seth's Blog | Information about information | Link

Visualization Blog | Data visualization talks online | Link

Infographics News | Murdoch's strategy for making people pay for The Times online: Infographics | Link

Online Journalism Blog | An introduction to data scraping with Scraperwiki | Link

Design Mind | Presentation about sensemaking - the manner in which we make meaning during the design process | Link

Site Sketch 101 | The 35 most beautiful hand-drawn websites | Link

Creative Bits | Logo design narrative and brief form for clients | Link

Eager Eyes | Workshop: The Role of Theory in Information Visualization | Link

Core 77 | Christoph Gielens amazing overhead photos of our species and Joe Rogan on why were even here | Link

O'Reilly Radar | In defense of games in the workplace | Link

Smashing Magazine | Designing style guidelines for brands and websites | Link

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