Here are some of the most relevant, interesting and useful articles I've come across during May 2010. I don't necessarily agree with all the principles, opinions or advice presented in these links but exposting yourself to information you may not agree on still helps advance your knowledge about a subject:

Information Aesthetics | Describing the BBC's plans to project the UK election results on to Big Ben tower | Link

Eager Eyes | Discussion about whether visualisation can ever be art | Link

Smashing Magazine | The Current State of Web Design: Trends 2010 | Link

Site Sketch 101 | The most important reasons for blogging | Link

Flowing Data | The boom of big infographics| Link

Information Aesthetics | Interview: Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg from Flowing Media | Link

Wired Magazine | Top 5 film gadgets that now exist (in some form) | Link

Juice Analytics | Getting to know motion charts | Link

Smashing Magazine | Case-study: deconstructing popular websites | Link

Smashing Magazine | Principles and examples of minimalist web design | Link

Eager Eyes | Explaining the technique behind the use of parallel coordinates | Link

Online Journalism Blog | A number of very interesting chapters relating to the world of data journalism | Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Online Journalism Blog | Dealing with live data and sentiment analysis: Q&A with The Guardian’s Martyn Inglis | Link

Online Journalism Blog | 5 data visualisation tips from David McCandless | Link

Smashing Magazine | Interesting discussion about the current battle between HTML5 and Flash | Link

Flowing Data | A further interesting take on HTML5 vs. Flash - HTML5 visualization readiness | Link

ACM Queue | A Tour through the Visualization Zoo | Link

Information Age | The social science of sentiment | Link

Ben Fry | A set of videos from the “Best Illusion of the Year” contest | Link

Guardian Data Blog | Information is power - considering the potential impact of the release of vast amounts of government data | Link

Creative Review | Profiling the StreetMuseum iPhone app | Link

Juice Analytics | A post which presents a number of before and after chart makeovers | Link

Design Mind | IBM Study: CEOs Say Creativity and Managing Complexity Are Vital Today | Link

MBA Design | Review of Edward Tufte Royal Geographic Society lecture | Link

Open Objects | Alternative account of the same event: Edward Tufte on Beautiful Evidence | Link

Guardian Data Blog | Putting readers in the picture on spending cuts | Link

Online Journalism Blog | The News Diamond reimagined as ‘The Digital News Lifecycle’ | Link

Visuale | How do we make Visual Analytics a reality?| Link

O'Reilly Radar | What is Data Science? The future belongs to the companies and people that turn data into products | Link

Johnny Holland | Usability ain’t everything – A response to Jakob Nielsen’s iPad usability study | Link

Online Journalism Blog | Model for the 21st century newsroom: new journalists for new information flows | Link

Guardian Election 2010 | National carbon calculator: Can you cut UK emissions?| Link

The Interaction Lab: University of Saskatchewan | Useful junk? The effects of visual embellishment on comprehension and memorability of charts | Link

Dataspora Blog | Discussing the forces behind 'The Data Singularity' | Part 1, Part 2

Guardian - Digital Britain | Goodbye petabytes, hello zettabytes | Link

Palo Alto Research Centre | Innovation at Google: the physics of data | Link

Ted Talks | Video showing John Underkoffler pointing to the future of UI | Link

Ted Talks (from Nov 2009) | Video showing Hans Rosling at TedTalks India as he graphs global economic growth and predicts the exact date that India and China will outstrip the US | Link

Guardian Data Blog | The Datablog editor on how number crunchers are driving the UK election debate | Link

TDWI | Andrew Cardno talks to the TDWI website about the types of data visualization techniques | Link

Napoleon’s Moscow march never seems to end
Visualising the World Cup 2010 (Part 2)