Here are some of the most relevant, interesting and useful articles I've come across during March 2010:

Peltier Tech Blog | Jon Peltier provides a makeover to a NBC olympic coverage chart | Link

Juice Analytics | Reviewing the results of a survey which asked 'Are the Viz-Pundits Really Helping?' - I'm not sure the survey ultimately answered this question but there were some interesting insights | Link

Eager Eyes | Discussing a month of chart madness | Link

Smashing Magazine | A guide to the most important print magazines for web designers, digital artists, and photographers | Link

Ted Talks (via Information Aesthetics) | Video of Gary Flake's demo at TedTalk2010 of the pivot technology - a new way to browse and arrange massive amounts of images and data online | Link

Ted Talks | Video of Tim Berners-Lee's 'The year open data went worldwide' at TedTalk University 2010 | Link

Visual Business Intelligence| Stephen Few's article about 'Big BI' being stuck | Link

Eager Eyes | Robert Kosara sets out his case for 2010 being the year of InvoVis theory | Link

Digital Roam | Post with a video of Dan Roam talking about visual thinking | Link

Smashing Magazine | Interesting article about form vs. function - a burning issue in the visualisation field that continues to increase in prominence | Link

Presentation Zen | Garr Reynold's article about the importance of 'play' | Link (from Feb 10) | Data visualisations that tell the news | Link

Design Research Conference 2010 | Interview with Don Norman | Link

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox | Presents findings relating to the amount of time users spend on information presented above and below 'the fold' of a web page | Link

Tony Bain | What is Big Data? | Link

Flowing Data | How to make a heatmap using R | Link

Counting down the hours to election day
Obesity prevalence graph makeover